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ISN Sanispray Wash Fountain - Individual Sensor Operated Spray Nozzles

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ISN Sanispray Wash Fountain - Individual Sensor Operated Spray Nozzles

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A unique patented system
The no-touch operation of Sanispray Electronics is based on passive detection technology, in contrast to active systems that emit signals continuously. The system does not emit anything at all, but remains in a quiescent state until a user is being detected.
The sensor only reacts to the temperature of hands within a three-dimensional detection field to control the operation of a solenoid valve. This prevents influences from external soruce that might cause unwanted activation, such as from light sources, noise, foreign objects or passers-by.
The water flow cycle is controlled by a central micro-processor, that monitors the opening and closing of a solenoid valves based on the information received from the sensors detection human radiance.
When a user places his or her hands  underneath one of the individual nozzles, the water flows for at least 8 seconds and for as long as required. Only when the sensor detects the withdrawal of the hands for a period of time, the Master Control Unit will initiate a signal to cease the water flow.

Additional Information

Maximum water savings: Water only flows when required. flow rate 1,9 L/min. per nozzle
Fights water waste: water flows for a maximum period of thirty seconds. After this, an interval of two seconds of no water flow encourages the user to leave.
Increased user convenience - Optimal barrier-free operation
The broad three-dimensional detection field and the five seconds minimal period of water flow not only allow the user to soap his or her hands in a convenient way before washing, but ensures the easiest possible operation for people with disabilities.
Maximum hygiene

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