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The demands of the industrial sector for durable, quality sanitaryware has led to some of our most diverse products, from wash fountains and troughs to communal wash stations.

Saville Stainless in Industry

  • Simplicity, space saving and cost-effectiveness are the key factors in our designs.
  • We supply washroom units to major businesses including Thorntons, Moto, BMW Mini and Toyota.
  • Destinations for our sanitaryware include zoos, public access farms, and wildlife and wetland trusts – both for washrooms and for drainage facilities for plant life.

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speak to an expert

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Solutions for Industrial

  • Tables and Work Benches

    Tables and Work Benches

    For hospital and industrial environments, we produce hard-wearing, versatile, stainless steel tables, work benches and bespoke units for any application.

  • Taps and Spouts

    Taps and Spouts

    Complementing our stainless steel basins and sinks, our taps and spouts are easy to fit and operate, with a sleek finish.

  • Sinks, Wash Troughs and Basins

    Sinks, Wash Troughs and Basins

    Our washbasins are designed to suit everything from small kitchens to industrial washrooms, and are produced using high-grade stainless steel for quality and durability.

  • Disabled


    At Saville Stainless we produce a wide range of disabled products.

  • Wash Fountains

    Wash Fountains

    As a space-saving alternative to washbasins, our stainless steel wash fountains can be operated electronically or by hand or foot, combining quality with versatility.

  • Drinking Fountains

    Drinking Fountains

    Practical, cost-effective and hygienic: our drinking fountains are convenient fixtures for any public space, with all the quality and durability of 304-grade stainless steel.

  • W.C. Pans

    W.C. Pans

    Suitable for everything from staff washrooms to secure prisons, our stainless steel W.C. pans are versatile, easy to maintain and hygienic.

  • Urinals


    Saville Stainless urinals are long-lasting, robust and easy to clean, and have proven popular fixtures in the bathrooms of all types of establishment.

  • Washroom Equipment

    Washroom Equipment

    At Saville Stainless, we produce a wide range of washroom accessories for every application, all characterised by their stainless steel quality.

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