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Saville Stainless has been steadfastly supplying the education sector for over 30 years. From easy-to-use drinking fountains to child-friendly sanitaryware, we continually drive innovation in school equipment.

Saville Stainless for Schools

  • Designers of lever-operated drinking fountains, catering for children unable to operate traditional units.
  • All products designed and manufactured with versatility and accessibility in mind.
  • Custom-built drinking fountains, wash troughs and bathroom equipment for individual school needs.
  • Quality, floor-standing trough and slab urinals and robust washroom facilities with wall-mounting versatility and hygienic design features.
  • Innovatively designed Sanispray wash fountains, only needing one water and one waste supply for any school environment.

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speak to an expert

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Solutions for Schools

  • Sinks, Wash Troughs and Basins

    Sinks, Wash Troughs and Basins

    Our washbasins are designed to suit everything from small kitchens to industrial washrooms, and are produced using high-grade stainless steel for quality and durability.

  • Tables and Work Benches

    Tables and Work Benches

    For hospital and industrial environments, we produce hard-wearing, versatile, stainless steel tables, work benches and bespoke units for any application.

  • Taps and Spouts

    Taps and Spouts

    Complementing our stainless steel basins and sinks, our taps and spouts are easy to fit and operate, with a sleek finish.

  • Disabled


  • Wash Fountains

    Wash Fountains

    As a space-saving alternative to washbasins, our stainless steel wash fountains can be operated electronically or by hand or foot, combining quality with versatility.

  • Drinking Fountains

    Drinking Fountains

    Practical, cost-effective and hygienic: our drinking fountains are convenient fixtures for any public space, with all the quality and durability of 304-grade stainless steel.

  • W.C. Pans

    W.C. Pans

    Suitable for everything from staff washrooms to secure prisons, our stainless steel W.C. pans are versatile, easy to maintain and hygienic.

  • Urinals


    Saville Stainless urinals are long-lasting, robust and easy to clean, and have proven popular fixtures in the bathrooms of all types of establishment.

  • Washroom Equipment

    Washroom Equipment

    At Saville Stainless, we produce a wide range of washroom accessories for every application, all characterised by their stainless steel quality.

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